Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcoming in the new year... The Chapman Steamer No 1 Firehouse future is blazing!!!

Well, a new year is arriving and with it brings good news. That beautiful, towering-in-the-sky firehouse -- Chapman Steamer No 1 -- located in the city of Newburgh, New York has got new owners. The community is excited!!! It looks like that amazing building has received owners who will care for and respect its history, its relationship to the community and its artistry. The owners are calling themselves "The Chapman Steamer Collective." They chose the name because it reflects the dynamic possibilities and reach of this building. The Collective (or CSC as they are referred to) is very excited -- with the transformation of the firehouse to an artists' space on the ground floor and live/work lofts above. They have also been greatly appreciative of the support given to them by new Newburgh friends and by city officials. Because of this support a major obstacle has been passed... the obtaining of mixed-use zoning permission. Yea!!!!

Next challenge is the redesigning of the firehouse incorporating many current elements of the firehouse into the transformed space (e.g., found antique firemen jackets, an uncovered sign that reads "Welcome to 1916", and a hose tower)... to incorporate a green, energy efficient lifestyle... and to make it community inviting through a joining of the firehouse with Downing Park (a lush, green, 35acre park with pond, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, directly across the street).

The future for the Chapman Steamer No 1 is bright.